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Urgently seeking A negative blood donations..

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There's a foreigner who urgently needs A negative blood in CM at the Maharaja-Nakorn-Chiang-Mai Hospital, locally called Suan Dok. 


            Should you have this blood group and willing to donate, please get in touch with the hospital. Here's the contact information and the address.


            110 Intawaroros Road, Si Phum, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
          Tel: +66-5393-0300
          E-mail: [email protected]
           Homepage: https://web.med.cmu.ac.th/index.php/th/med-suandok


      Thank you very much for your kindness should you be willing to donate some blood to a fellow foreigner in Chiang Mai. 



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Dear moderators. The thread can be closed, they have found two donators and the patient seems to be fine.


I just called the hospital. Thanks a lot to all involved. 

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I deeply appreciate the care and  concern you've  shown !  I have A-  blood, but can't donate here ... pre-Covid,  and, now, I am told ...  because of my age  and  medications I  am on.



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