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Is it what people call good Thai food ? What do you think about this dish ?

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Is it what people call good Thai food ? What do you think about this dish ?


Number one reason why I do not eat Thai food at restaurants anymore: Thai do not know how to cook healthy food !

I am sure that many of you will come with usual bla bla bla, but this is the Thai food that Thai usually cook, even at restaurants that get good reviews.

This dish should taste tomato but it tasted only oil ! I would not give this food even to my dog !

So boring that most people here have no idea about how to cook healthy Thai food.

But maybe you know a good restaurant that cooks healthy Thai food if it is really possible ? (I would consider this one healthy if it had only 10% of oil and if they knew that Chicken with cashew should have cashews and tomato sauce...)


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OK, now we've established your benchmark, what other establishments for fine cuisine do you recommend?

It´s only a typical amateur that condemn the whole Thai kitchen just because of their own failure to find what they are looking for.

Looks good to me also. Who goes to Thailand and complains about the food. In Khon Kaen where we are, we can eat out every day and not eat in the same place twice in a year. If you cant find somet

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