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Green House Curtains

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I would like to install open and closeable roof curtains in the greenhouse.

On the upper lengthwise horizontal pipes, between the circular roof supports, installing C channels and a curtain arrangement for the shade cloth.

I was thinking of a curtain like in a hospital that slides around. Like in the picture.

When it's too hot slide the shade cloth closed, then cooler, slide the shade cloth open. 

Anyone know where I could pick up the cloth to c-channel fittings? 

Local curtain mob ain't got nuthin.

Just a thought, the local hospital may know.


A few years ago at an Ag show in Kalasin they had a motorised curtain setup in their Greenhouse, but I can't remember which uni. it came from. So it can be done.



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I think I'm seeing the light. 

What about a couple of stainless steel cables from end to end on each side, then ring eyelets attached to the shade cloth.

Might be all in vein as looks like my pondering has caused SWMBO to mandate that she takes over. 

Checkbook ready.....check.

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