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If you weren't in Thailand, where would you be?

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1. They do a very good job of handling their protests, problems n all that in a grown up manner, unlike some other countries I can think of. In general, they are very amicable and respectful. In gener

Portugal seems to be nice. And the Senoritas are great, too.    Portugal, with its welcoming locals and pleasant climate, offers expats a very good quality of life. ... Portugal attracts an

1. Thailand is not known as a socially developed nation. Unless you count coups and protests. 2. Sophisticated healthcare compared to where? 3. Affordable only if you have lower living stand

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Just now, Jingthing said:

My choices are greatly limited by visa regulations.

So if not Thailand, then possibly




USA (there's always that)




Very interesting mix.


Would love to hear a few sentences on why.


If there were no visa issues where would you be ideally?

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3 minutes ago, Smelg said:

I would give the philippines a chance


What is the attraction for you?

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Not the same freedom as Thailand where you can travel everywhere and feel safe and be safe. But fantastic clima year around. Visa easy and relative cheap. 

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