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Guatemalan forces clash with migrant caravan, Biden team seeks to halt exodus

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Ah come on joe, let em all in. 

Why not?  They're in this position because of the BS Americans did there.  It's our fault.  Let's man up and help these poor people.  Inhumane to do anything else.   https://thepanoptic.co.u

I don't understand why biden doesn't want them. I thought Mr. Trump was the bad man, huh....

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They'd do well to heed the warning of the Biden transition official. Covid has taken its toll on the job market. Friends of mine have lost jobs or had hours cut. I don't know where they'd expect to work. Particularly hit are retail, food, and hospitality, which is where they'd normally go.


Because of this, the rental market has also been hit. Friends tell me of many vacant properties. People have had to pack up and go move in with friends or family, unable to make their rent.


I'd like to take my Thai wife back with me in the next few years. I understand Trump has made that process more difficult, which Biden seeks to ease up on, yet this situation may make it difficult yet again. Her restaurant and hotel experience and great personality would go far in the aforementioned areas.


She often says she's worried if her English is good enough. I say uh, you'll be competing with many who have little to none.

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46 minutes ago, EVENKEEL said:

I don't understand why biden doesn't want them. I thought Mr. Trump was the bad man, huh....

Trump is the bad man.

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17 minutes ago, Poet said:

These migrants are from Honduras, not Guatemala.

Same same:






How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today’s migration


U.S. military presence in Honduras and the roots of Honduran migration to the United States are closely linked. It began in the late 1890s, when U.S.-based banana companies first became active there. As historian Walter LaFeber writes in “Inevitable Revolutions: The United States in Central America,” American companies “built railroads, established their own banking systems, and bribed government officials at a dizzying pace.”



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11 minutes ago, Poet said:

Yeah, but, you did actually get the country wrong, which is a pretty big miss.

Forgive me for suspecting that you are not paying much attention to detail and simply pasting links to articles you find by googling whatever thought happens to be in your head at that moment.

One of the nice things about forums is that they give people a chance to share well-considered, thought-out opinions, rather than simply increase their post count.


In the end, same same.  I've researched this a lot.  And been to every country in Central America.  Actually, spent a lot of time down there.


What I posted wasn't opinions.  It's historical facts.

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