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Look at "Singapore Model" to open legal casino in Thailand - have a referendum, suggests MP

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The problem is the Singapore police are not as corrupt as the Thai police plus they are strict with punishments which form a good deterrent, something that is sorely missing in Thailand. 

Here in Thailand the "Singapore Model" will quickly degenerate into the "Las Vegas Model" where gangsters control everything.

The problem in Thailand is Thai's are the main source for the gambling dens, if you are not going to allow Thai's in the casino's you will still have the illegal ones,   

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so i can pay 3000 baht to enter the "legal" casino or 0 baht to enter the backstreet one..?


hmmm, let me think about that for half a milisecond :cheesy:


what the eff is wrong with these MPs? how is this going to stop covid?

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Have you seen that mostly empty shopping mall....Show DC.....Rama 9 and ?

That would make an excellent location.

Add is some cheap eats, a few high class restaurants. A big buffet.

A theater for live music shows...


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