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Ko Chik: A pair of obscure, charming islands near the Welu wetlands of Chanthaburi

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Ko Chik: A pair of obscure, charming islands near the Welu wetlands of Chanthaburi

David Luekens



Meet Ko Chik.

An old man in a leather cowboy hat and baggy red pants pulled up above his waste greeted us as we arrived at Ko Chik (also spelt Jik or Jeek) in December 2020. “Welcome foreigner,” he said. “Ko Chang has many foreigners, but never any here!”


In a flash, this welcoming “uncle” led us into the village. Other curious islanders joined as we strolled. Hearing our voices, only one of the three dogs laying in the sunshine raised its head. Hung from a window, a dozen silver fish contrasted the faded wood-and-mortar walls of a shophouse. Patches of flowers — purple ruellia and bright-orange bird of paradise — bulged over the lane.


“Are you hungry?”, a plump woman in a floral-pattern sarong asked us. “My cousin makes delicious noodles. Follow me, follow me…”


Continue reading: https://thaiislandtimes.substack.com/p/ko-chik-a-pair-of-obscure-charming


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I have been there and it is nice and the people are real Thai folks that live off the land. There used to be a boat that took you to a Hawaiian resort and it disappeared, There are a few villages on the way that make those cool baskets-brooms and purses too.

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16 hours ago, PETERTHEEATER said:

With faces that deep I won't be planning a visit to these islands.

Better than a shallow face and heart!



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