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Nigerian on overstay arrested for bank fraud

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

He got their bank details then used them to get OTPs and then emptied their bank accounts. 


You cant fix stupid!

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On 1/20/2021 at 12:53 PM, RichardColeman said:

Is there any positive stories on Thai Visa about Nigerians in Thailand  ?

Yes. He's going home.

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Some 20 years ago I was a Director of Studies in  private school in China. One day a young Nigerian came in looking for a job, which was unusual as most applicants arranged the job from their home country then we flew them in.


Anyway he asked right up front if he could make one call home as he had had to leave in a hurry. Turned out he was a great guy and a good teacher (although some schools I sent him out to sent him back as he was not blonde and blue eyed) and the hurry to leave was because of numerous attempts by opposing factions to machete him to death. He is still in Chine (I think) and married a Nigerian girl.


Another young American female teacher fell for a Nigerian and moved him in to the school apartment without permission. Things started to go missing straight away and in the pub one night with her he bragged that he was filling TV carcases with watches etc and shipping them home. I had to interview him to allow him to stay with her, and when I asked for his passport he offered me 5 from 5 different countries. Had no choice but to temrinate the girls contract as she insisted he be allowed to stay in her digs, despite knowing he was a crim.


So one good one bad Nigerian.


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