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Was Thailand ever the number 1 country to retire to because its not now

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Had a chat with a friend who said the Philippines was the number 1 country to retire to but after a Google search that was not the case and Thailand nowhere close on the list  . There are many links for info but the attached covers most aspects .


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Who gives a toss. You either like it or you dont. If you dont go somewhere else, if you do stay here.   I am not retirement age, but it suits me here- golf, beer, islands, hills, ladies- not

Thailand used to be cheap which was a big factor for many. Now it’s not nearly as cheap as it used to be and for many things it’s more expensive than the west. That really changes the retirement equat

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1 hour ago, Dale75 said:

I had always planned on retiring to India.

Cheap, fabulous food, English widely spoken and in the media, cricket is 24/7, it's a stable democracy and the people love the English.

Then I holidayed in Pattaya and everything changed.

Thailand doesn't come close to the above list but it does have women!

And that was the decider. Sad eh?

Been retired here now for 9 years with wife and child and it's fantastic.

Still miss those Indian curries though....................

You could always split your time up, met a few Brits in Goa who live there part time during the season roughly Oct - April.  Definitely easy to do in terms of visa and expenses (pre-covid of course!). 

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2 hours ago, Dale75 said:


Still miss those Indian curries though....................

u cud find them anywhere in pattaya, they must be closed as of now , but sooner or later they will be open.

and pre covid there used to be lots of cheap daily flight from bkk to all major indian airports. visa is simple, just an e visa, but things changed with covid. 

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