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Virus expert reveals why Thailand chose AstraZeneca’s viral vector vaccine

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The Astra/Oxford vaccine is easier to store and distribute, so makes sense to roll it out quickly. 

Another reason why Oxford vaccine (perhaps others) was so quick and also effective is it has basically been in development for years (possible decade(s)) for such a scenario. It's not a last minute, r

well written OP and good to hear a professional taking the time and talking sense instead of some uneducated unelected wooden top blurting out nonsense, thumbs up from me    Seems like our e

52 minutes ago, impulse said:

Interesting stuff, for sure. 


But I'm only seeing an order for 2 million doses- enough to do less than 2% of the Thai population.


The title says Thailand chose AZ.  Is there any actually on order? 


Or are they waiting for the brown envelopes?  (Oh, c'mon- you were thinking it, too)



They are making about 100million doses in Thailand but only 20million are going to be reserved for domestic use.  They will probably try get more from somewhere else. 




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they mention general differences between the Pfizer moderna AZ and Sino but I wish they would detail the differences more in laymans terms...i.e anedovirus and nanoparticles...and how they differ

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