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Biden swiftly begins sweeping away Trump's immigration barriers

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Why even have a country at all if a major political party is hell bent on importing a huge voting base from south of the border? The only reason Dems want this is because they know it'll turn Texas an

It is good that the U.S. is finally taking concrete steps to remove the scourge of white privilege for once and for all. We should be airlifting these thousands of Hondurans directly to the U.S. city

And so the tragic demise of America begins.....    

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changing and updating the countries immigration policies is great. 


if you took a sample of 11 million people from any region in the world you are going to find good and bad people within that group. how does one wade through this  mess in rewarding those with legit claims vs those trying to game the system. not an easy job at all. 


fun fact though. the USA takes in more immigrants than any other country in the world.  

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