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Britain resists giving EU diplomats full status, sparking row

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Oh now that is a very slippery slope that can bite the uk badly. Why are they even thinking about it.

Quite right too. He can keep the same status as previously held with the EU Delegation. There's no need for a post-Brexit upgrade for an organisation that is not even a proper country.

don't give in BJ fight out the flak and stay strong in the winds   this is a very old issue, always been a weak point for EU (and EEC)

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42 minutes ago, stevenl said:

EEC didn't have ambassadors.


First UK agreed with full diplomatic status, now they don't.


Is the UK interested in diplomatic connections with the EU, or only with the individual countries?

this problem area is way older than EU,

it is not limited to ambassadors and/or EU's representative as such

it is more about EU's place and role on the int. scene and in the zillion international organisations

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