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I love living in Thailand, and I love Thai people, but I can say without prejudice that Thais are the worst drivers I have ever encountered. I have had my car for just one year and already three drivers have driven into my car, twice when my car was parked, like last night. In 25 years of driving in the USA I was only hit once. Let's do some math: that works out to be 75 times more likely to be in traffic accidents in Thailand than in the USA. Just my personal experience; your mileage may vary. And aren't security cameras great? I can't get enough of this video.  Has anyone had similar experiences or am I cursed?  I think this driver was thinking about running off but fortunately my neighbors across the street came out to confront him.  Again, I love Thai people, but wow are they terrible drivers.

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That was definitely your fault mate...

Not all are bad drivers. I would say very many are though. The ones that are bad drivers are very Bad.

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Looks like a possibly drunk driver, or maybe they classified at as microsleep, he bounced off of the object near the road edge just before careening into the left rear of the OP's vehicle.  Looks like the OP's car is parked properly, maybe a little close to the road, but then I have seen people just park at the curb here. Maybe time to place a few bollards at the road edge and on the corner of the property line if your going to park there.  That will stop them cold.

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6 minutes ago, Ondral said:

The back of my car was two meters away from the road.  Please don't libel me.  I know where I live, you don't.

It must have been projecting out into the road, how else would the other vehicle have hit it? It's further out than the neighbor's car by a good 3 metres., and the post next to it is at the mid-point of the car.

It's not libel to state facts.

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