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By end of Pattaya ALQ flying BKK-CNX. Quarantine at CNX?

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I'm at a Pattaya ALQ right now and planning fly BKK-CNX the day I'm done with the ALQ. The ALQ hotel will provide a secured van directly to BKK and an end-of-ASQ letter. I'm looking for confirmation for what I'm told that no second quarantine will be required upon arrival at Chiang Mai. 

Many thanks for any related comments.


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@bkk6060Yes, by that time I will have documents showing 3 negative COVID tests (pre-ASQ, ASQ day 3 and ASQ day 11). The question is what are the exact rules at CNX so I can follow them, and if not, avoid traveling to CNX all together.


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I am in same position in BKK. My understanding is as of recently if you leave 

BKK and fly same day of discharge form ASQ to CNX with ASQ letter, there is no requirement to quarantine according to CM MOPH. You must resister with the CM-Chana App and show QR code at CNX airport. Trains, busses, and private transport for foreigners is not allowed.

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