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Thai driver with TWO HUNDRED traffic tickets arrested after going through red lights yet again

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Remove the licence, crush the car.   She should never have been allowed to reach that number to start with.

If she says she hasn't got the money to pay the fines, simply lob her in jail where it will be reduced by 500 Baht a day. By the time she gets out she will have a bit more respect for the rules. Its j

Just shows how pathetic plod are, 200 bloody ridiculous, she should have been sorted out a long time ago.

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14 minutes ago, AlfHuy said:

Why are there always the high ranking officers available when pictures are taken?


Well, that's what they do! RTP protocol!

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Wow that was a surprise ! I would have loved to see her face when the plod showed up at her house.


sharia 200 lashes !


Seems she has a good amulet - but with limited power unfortunately 



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Even if this Woman pays off the 200+ Fines, or does a stint in Jail, its very unlikely She will ever change her driving habits at the age of 58.

She has obviously been driving like this from the first Day she got behind the wheel, and it will be too late for her to change now.

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