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Planning to travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on January 25th

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Hello, I am planning to travel by train, but might need to ride my motorbike if the train does not allow my dog and motorbike.


Just wondering if I my might have any problems due to Covid restrictions, while traveling by train or motorbike, and once I am in Bangkok?


ps: I have the MorChana app installed on my phone.

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Your dog in train, where ? Cargo car ? 
or your dog is a "guide" ? 
Your bike depends on the size. I guess not over 300cc. 
Postpone your trip if you can, soon restrictions will be lifted. 

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I ended up leaving yesterday. All was ok on train for small dog and 150cc Yamaha. No sleeper car with dog, had to ride in 3rd class.


All seems cool in Bangkok, does not seem to be a lockdown. I wear my mask at all times.

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