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My wifes passport expires in July 2021 and i am now in the process of wanting to renew it.
In 2016, My wife applied in person for her passport at a temple in Aberdeen when a consulate team did a special session for people living a long way from london to be able to apply closer to home.
We live near carlisle cumbria on the border of scotland and i would like to attend a special session closer to home.
Can you please advice me on what to do, I understand that many places are now closed due to covid.
Do you have any links to these special session
Thank you for any help
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We have emailed the Thai Embassy, Just thought someone here may be going through the same issue and can help each other and the information will be kept on the forum for others to read.  I will undate the thread if i get news from the Embassy 

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Info is here in Thai on the Thai embassy in London website.



If I recall correctly they have stopped doing the mobile consular service due to the covid 19 outbreak.

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reply from Thai Embassy

I would like to inform you that due to the national lockdown at the moment, the Royal Thai Embassy is now closed until further notice therefore new appointment can not be accepted at the moment and we do not have plan for Consular Service at the moment.  Please contact us again after lockdown is lifted and I hope this lockdown will be lifted within March when you can book for an appointment to renew your passport.  We apologise for any inconvenienced caused

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We did the Embassy run last January 2020, as we wanted to renew the Daughters passport early as the grandson was due a couple of months after, and I don't think there is mobile consulate schedule far in advance. The used to come up to the Temple in Edinburgh as well. We made an online booking and it seemed to take, but it didn't! Contacted the Embassy and one of the staff checked and emailed confirmation of the appointment.


Timing was critical, The son in law picked me up at EDI Airport after flying back from Thailand, picked up a big diesel Merc. SUV from a hire Co in Edinburgh, crashed out for 6 hours, set off from Fife in Scotland. for London at about 23:00 for a Friday 10:30 appointment at Queensgate in London. Done the Business, headed back up, stopped off at a Dog friendly Bar Restaurant for Dinner, just off route, up the Motorway, and Halted at a long advance Pre-booked Travel lodge about 22:00, (Not to far south from Carlisle), up in the morning, stopped at the shopping village at Gretna, back to the Daughters house, picked up my car and we got the hire car back by the 14:00 deadline with 10mins extra time they gave us due to roadworks.


With the current Covid we look back on that Trip as great trip.


Everything went smoothly, however I remember a trip, probably about 16 years ago, they said the needed a legal paper that was only applicable in England, Impossible in Scotland (we had the correct document with us) after talking to my Lawyer to get a contact, had to convince them to talk to an officer at a Court to explain the document with us was the Scottish Version. Everything then OK...


But it is a very long way to go, if things don't go smoothly...


Anyway after that trip, one days sleep, one day a medical check-up, 3 days to sort the mail and do many other things, then back on the plane to Thailand! 


It's only a year but seems so long ago now.

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