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Repeat Testing for Migrants Ahead of Market Reopening

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Repeat Testing for Migrants Ahead of Market Reopening




SAMUT SAKHON, Jan 22 (TNA) – Samut Sakhon has launched a new round of mass Covid-19 testing for migrant workers at the Central Shrimp Market ahead of the planned market reopening next week.


The market is the first hotspot of the new wave of Covid-19 infections.


The province’s communicable disease committee agreed to reopen the market on Jan 26 or 27 if everything is ready.


Full Story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news/line-today-english-news-622906



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What next? Bands with a star on it around their arms and a number tattooed on each and every one of them? Ridiculous! 

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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

Disgraceful. Thailand should be named and shamed on separating migrants from nationals in testing figures 

Sadly you are right and that is the mindset and mentality of those in power and privileged by the majority.


You will get the apologists trying to justify it but like I have heard from so many Hi so people in Thailand.  They are not racists they just don't like blacks (or people of colour for the PC Brigade). They just cant conceptualise that the not liking and the term racist are linked.


The same here. It is the foreigners fault and not the Thais. Just like when the poor Burmese were framed for the Koh Tao murders and you have a PM saying a Thai could never do that.


Thailand has a long long way to go to eradicate institutionalised xenophobia and racism. Firstly they have to understand what it means and like with this situation they believe they are right and not racists.

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