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Ford Ranger Drivers - do they have to take a compulsory drive like a **** lesson when they purchase one?

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I think you are mistaken. It was probably a toyota fortuner. And it was black 😄

The badge on the car will make little difference as to the capability of the driver in my experience. Many drive like it as there is no formal driver training here and people mostly do what the hell t

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  • CharlieH changed the title to Ford Ranger Drivers - do they have to take a compulsory drive like a **** lesson when they purchase one?
7 minutes ago, EVENKEEL said:

Having a pickup is convenient. I'm always buying either landscaping supplies or something for the house, the other day I bought a new office chair for my daughter which never would fit in a car.

When I buy landscaping supplies, I get them delivered. I have bought 2 large office chairs in recent years. I dropped the back seats down and the slid into my Mirage easily. Otherwise, I would have had them delivered.


11 minutes ago, EVENKEEL said:

As far as driving in small sois, if you're not a proficient driver perhaps its better you drive a small car but as for myself driving a larger pickup poses no problem driving anywhere.

Are you saying that driving round small sois is as easy in a Ford ranger as a Mirage? You're joking.


13 minutes ago, EVENKEEL said:

I always had a pickup either as primary vehicle or as a backup. Here in Thailand it's our only vehicle and I may buy a car.

QED. I feel your pain.

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46 minutes ago, EVENKEEL said:



But Ranger drivers are somehow idiots, and what's up with the stupid paintjobs. The other day I thought I was being passed up by a Holstein cow.


Amen - idiots with attitudes no less.....Like their sh!try driving doesn't stink out loud....


Can't give too much credit to Chevy drivers either, for a whole other reason....Seems like they sell, or offer loans to first time buyers & they're just clueless on how to drive....

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Just look at the adverts on television, they are one of the main reasons for toolish behaviour, sort of monkey see - monkey do syndrome. ( and NO that was not a racist comment).

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Pick up trucks always remind me of Village People singing YMCA in the back of one dressed in various macho costumes.


The macho appearance they try to sell is just so gay. 

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I find that it is," mine out of way attitude driving" where is mainly called bad driving.

For me in Thailand it mainly seems to me to be Fortuna driver. 

In UK most bikers found Volvo driver were a problem.

In Qatar any Arab in a large American car was a problem.

In Paris any car was a problem same Mable Arch London. 😆




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I think it's something to do with those large stickers on the side panels, telling folk sitting in coffee bars with poor eyesight it's a Ranger.....

Plus, probably brings out that "Look at me" thingy......😬

I wonder if that hood add-on thing does anything, does it...?





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