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Buy iPhone in Thailand from UK

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Greetings all. I would like to buy my friend a new iPhone as a present. I would like to buy it in Thailand and have it delivered there but pay using a UK debit or credit card. Any recommendations please ?

Cheers all 🙏

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I agree about ordering it from the Apple Thailand store. Here is the link: https://www.apple.com/th-en/shop/browse/home_th_en I've used my US credit card on the site with no issues. 


It might be easier to have your friend login (or provide) their Apple ID (or create one), choose the phone, provide contact details, and "put it in the bag". Then you can login and complete the payment with your credit card. 

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1 hour ago, Tropposurfer said:

Apple site. Can order and pay anywhere in the world and have it delivered to the address you stipulate. 

The Apple stores are country specific, as release dates for newly released products are not the same and products available are different in different countries. 
So while generally true your statement is not universally true.

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