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Inexpensive stand alone CCTV IP camera

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Need a small CCTV camera hopefully one fully self contained and can be remotely viewed through a smart phone or PC. Have an electrical supply available but no wireless available so I assume will need an onboard sim card? Not after anything too high tech, just something does the job. Can they be movement activated or a notification sent if there is movement?


One thing I am wondering about is how much data they use? Ie how many GB per month are they likely to consume? Like it will be on 24/7 so not sure if cost prohibitive needing a high volume / high cost plan. It is possible we may be able to have fibre installed if sim card too expensive


Can anyone point me in the right direction? I guess they have something like that on Lazada but can someone advise me what to look for and general data consumption



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20 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

Considering an internet connection  can be done these days so cheaply, that would be the preferred way and the camera in that instance to do exactly what you describe is around 800 baht. Thats the cheapest set up by far in my estimation.

Indeed , 

We pay 8266 baht per year with 3BB in Khon Kaen, If you are using it only for the cameras you could probably get a much less expensive plan that would be adequate, 

We has a professionally installed 5 camera  system  with two way communication through the cameras and  pan and zoom,that cost about $700 three years ago, 

The technology has advanced substantially since then ,where you could probably find a do it yourself system for a couple of hundred dollars. Interior cameras can be had for as little a $30

We are stuck in the US with the pandemic right now and we are able to view the house on our IPhone app. Sometimes I talk to the dogs through the camera and they get excited and confused. It breaks my heart to see them sleeping outside our door waiting for mus to come out. Thank god we have sister in law taking care of them

older picture I had on file, the picture was taken from the US. 



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Just as a follow up ended up getting a 400 baht camera off Lazada. I chose this particular one as it had 1000+ 5 star ratings and we ended up getting fibre internet installed. Wow! This thing has 360 degree rotation. 180 degree vertical. Picture is clear as a bell. Can receive and send voice but that's not so great. I can record to cloud or SD card and it can be movement activated and a notification sent to my phone. Runs off a phone app (yoosee) which is relatively easy to set up and the unit simply has a plug pack. I bought a small electrical box that would fit the plug pack and socket, ran a lead into the box with a socket on it just to house the connection. I mounted the camera unit on the box. Totally amazed at what 400 baht can buy and extremely happy with it. 

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