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Randox RT-PCR testing UK Fit to fly certificate

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Was wondering if anyone else has used Randox for the PCR test? 


They offer the Rt-PCR test which is required for the flight however the information about the fit to fly certificate is unclear. This is what they say regarding the fit to fly certificate below. The people i spoke to on the phone were also not sure about this.


How do I receive my results and will I get a fit to fly certificate?

You will receive your results via the email your registered your sample with, as well as a certificate of your results to use whilst travelling.


Results aim to be reported within 12-24 hours of our laboratories receiving the home sample collection test kit.


Your Randox Health COVID-19 RT-PCR test report will contain all necessary information.



I was reading reports that the fit to fly certificate must be in a seperate document it cannot be in the same document as the rt-pcr test.


Has anyone else been tested through Randox and did the fit to fly certificate arrive in a seperate document?


Or will i need to arrange the fit 2 fly certificate with someone else on top of the rt-pcr test from randox?

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You will require a Certificate which states you have taken a Covid-19 RT PCR test, the result of which is negative (results issued within 72hrs of departure) - Randox state they can e-mail results within 24 hrs - this is fine. 


You also require a separate document which states ‘Fit to Fly’ - this can be in the form of a Dr’s letter (fit to travel may not suffice, it needs to be ‘Fit to Fly’). 


Ask Randox for two separate documents.


Alternately you can obtain such a ‘Fit to Fly’ document from an online Dr in Thailand for 400 baht. 




E-mailed certification is fine - Just print out the certificates to show upon Airline Check in and arrival in Thailand. 



Where are you based? 

There maybe other posters who can advise you on a facility near you who can provide you with two separate documents.


I received two separate documents from Midlands Health (Birmingham) in the UK (price was relatively high - £190, that was in July, competition may have brought prices down).


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I arrived in Thailand last Friday from UK.

I hadd my Covid test by 'your healthcare' at Holiday Inn, Heathrow.

Test included a 'Fit to Fly' Certificate.

This was basically a letter (e-mail) from the clinic attaching another copy of my  Covid teest result.

I printed both out, and at LHR and transit airports showed both to the inspecting officials.  Accepted without question.

I showed a Dr. friend in UK the Thai "Fit to Fly" certificatee, and she thought it nonsense, nothing to do with Covid, but more likely something Anutin had found on the internet for general post illness patients to fly.


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