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money in bank method.

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11 minutes ago, johnmcc6 said:

What happens if 800K does not stay in bank for full 90 days for retirement i yr extension.

Assume you mean the 3 months after obtaining your extension.

1 If you have been requested to return to the issuing office 90 days after extension - you risk the cancellation of this years extension.

2 No request to return - probably nothing this year, but you risk next years extension for failing to comply with this years requirements.

Either scenario could result in you having to leave the country.

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I think that with an additional charge of probably 15,000 baht or so, the extension can be gotten.  That's even with an agent!  Whatever.  It's better than having the extension denied and being forced to leave.  Be prepared for a shocker, but take it in stride.  Lesson to be learned: watch your bank balance.

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I use my foreign currency account to for my extension money.  I accidentally let it drop below the 800,000 baht by only a small amount and it was replenished within days. Immigration wasn't buying it. They said no at first.  Fortunately I had money in another savings account that more than made up the difference and all was well.  All your funds do not have to be kept in one account as long as you have a total that meets the requirements.

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