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My stepson is out of work and depressed as he has no money and no prospects. Would volunteering for the Armed Forces be a realistic  option. He is 23 and thought himself lucky when he missed conscription.

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6 minutes ago, mfd101 said:

I'm not sure about enlisting, but there is much to be said for poor boys here in Thailand doing their 2 years conscription. For those who have never been outside the village, have no education & no knowledge of the outside world, the Army shows them a whole new world of experience and helps them to mature. The fact that the Army's role in Thailand is scarcely to be praised is not relevant to that.


My b/f had the gumption to leave the village here in Surin at age 18 and head to BKK for life's experiences. But he still learned a lot from his time in the Army - Western mealtime etiquette, how to serve petits fours to the very highest in the land, how to look after the colonel's dog, what a big smile can achieve, and how to climb over the barrack walls in BKK to find food & earn some funds in the small hours ... I have no doubt that, by the time I came along to, ahem, assist with his early departure from conscription, he had benefited mightily from his experiences.

Three of our Thai nieces married young lads who subsequently were conscripted.  One hated it, but it did him some good and gave him the aim to better himself.  The other 2 were Marines and loved their life in the Service.  However, both nieces wanted their men back on the farm and I think that they regret leaving to this day. 

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16 hours ago, Pilotman said:

You know him best, but I would say that very few young people, male or female, can get anything but good out of voluntary Military Service. If he is unemployed all the better for him.  It will give him structure, personal confidence, a sense of discipline and a focus. He may hate it, but even if he does, he will still benefit.  If he loves it, then he may have found a very worthwhile career. But as you probably know already, the entrance exams for Navy and Air Force volunteers here are hard and the competition for limited places is tough,  they do expect a good level of general knowledge and intelligence.  The Army not so much. 

"The Army not so much."  True, you only have to see the performance of the present "Government". to see that there is not so much intelligence anyway. :cheesy:

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@roger101I would suggest that he look into joining an English, French, Canadian, Australian or US military's service. The French foreign legion is still a unit, aren't they? I don't know about all the Countries that I listed, but you do not have to be a citizen of the US to join their militaries, they make good money and have good benefits (plus there are many jobs besides being in combat).

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