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Several travel companies and airlines have stated that they plan to introduce a requirement that customers must have been vaccinated against Covid 19. Personally, I think this will become widespread and make travel difficult for those who refuse to be vaccinated.  Its possible that this could also be introduced in other spheres.


The latest:




I said a while back that some employers would go down this path - its already started.


Linked in the above BBC article:



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Life is a risk I will take my much improved chance to cling onto it for as long as possible with the help of the vaccine asap reactions are rare covid is not🤔

Ok, great. Certainly seems responsible and makes proper sense.

So 200 people all wear a mask to get on a plane to travel Yet 200 people all remove their mask for up to 1 hour while eating and drinking  does the virus know something we don't ? 

46 minutes ago, sammieuk1 said:

You fell head first into the numbers trap with reliance on figures posted by the Thai government safer asking is it black or white to the colour blind 🤔

ahhh, but you have fallen into the trap of not believing the Thai authorities

Do you have any facts to show they are wrong ? 

I'm not saying you are wrong, cos who the hell can believe anything the goverment says, but without any other facts to dispute their claims, we can only accept them at face value.

And as far as paperwork for travelling, Khaosan road is your friend 

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1 hour ago, VBF said:

But this thread is about travellers, not people currently in Thailand.


I'm in UK, longing to go to Thailand again - i have one problem with the vaccine - I can't get it today and need to wait my turn!

The more a country vaccinates its people, and the more evidence (hopefully) emerges to show vaccinations assist in at least  reducing transmission, the sooner countries will start to relax their restrictions.

Personally, i would love a Covid vaccine stamp to be added to all my other vaccines in my yellow book, alongside Yellow Fever, Polio, Smallpox, Tetanus etc etc

If that helped me to travel, what's not to like?

Thats where I think this is going. My wife had her first shot this week, 2nd shot in 3 weeks. Mine is scheduled for April.

I think that covid passport is inevitable


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