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Thai farmers to be told to stop burning farm waste or face legal action

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All the farmers are just laughing their socks off, hearing the same thing every year. As usual it will be all talk, no action.

Is there an echo in here ?  

I anticipate a significant increase in the number of "accidental" fires starting around 2.30AM.

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Yet, these words are repeated every year, and fall on deaf ears.  The burning will continue until the beatings start.

1 hour ago, rooster59 said:

All provincial governors in Thailand have been told to stop the burning of agricultural waste in their provinces


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4 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

Yep as all have said, same message every year and nothing done.


I used to get angry when I would open up my curtains here in the country to allow the sunlight in at around 6.00am to get the kids ready for school, and all I would see is thick smoke filled in between all the trees, my wife would try to humour me and say it's mist.


Took me a while to be able to actually accept and realise nothing was going to change as I was getting worked up over it and only upsetting myself, so how could I change things to benefit my mind set.


1) I stopped opening up the curtains until I returned from dropping the kids off at school later in the morning when it was almost gone.


2) Allowed the kids to sleep in for half an hour a day and wake them at 6.30am, taking our time to get them ready


3) Delayed taking the kids to school by half an hour to 45 minutes, however wouldn't allow them to exit the car to go and sit at assembly if the smoke was bad, after all, what is the point of them sitting in assembly to listen to someone waffle on about nothing while they fill their lungs with smoke.


The principal pulled the wife aside one day and mentioned her concerns about the kids coming to school late, my wife's reply was well, my husband and I see don't want our kids sitting on the floor and breathing in the heavy smoke, furthermore especially in winter when the ground is cold, it serves no purposes, it's almost the same as making the kids walk around the school grounds with no shoes on, socks only, it just makes them sick, and the principal looked at her with a confused look, with my wife adding, if you can't accept what my reasoning is, perhaps you would like me to take the kids out of this school and walked off.


Haven't heard a thing, no doubt the principal accepted her reasoning because it's a school that you have to pay every quarter, cha ching, and just smiles at her when she sees her, although I reckon she must be cursing her every time she sees her.  

Sad to hear you continue to do this to your children!🤦🤷🏻‍♂️

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