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Vehicles emitting black smoke to face fine up to Bt5,000, department warns

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Crackdowns crack me up, should last about 5 1/2 days then they'll get bored and choked up on the fumes and retire to their air conditioned comfort!

Total waste of time if no-one enforces it.  There are so many great idea laws in Thailand and Thailand has one of the largest per capita police forces.  However, somehow none of these laws are enforce

Blimey, that will be a nice little earner up my way, they can do the no crash hat, kids riding motorbikes, no lights on bikes and cars too whilst they're at it...

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I used to burn tyres on a log burning stove in the UK that emitted cleaner gunge than some of the vehicles here. Together with my 90% blacked out windows it can make it difficult to see.

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