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Best golf deals around CM and are bars open yet or restaurants serving alcohol?

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Looking at a one week golf trip.  Might be solo.  Have done many solo "golf" trips to Pattaya and always easy to get out with a bar social golf schedule.    I am wondering if CM has something like this where a regular group goes to the local best deals.  If not, where are the best deals on good courses.  If I am paying to travel I like to play courses that are kept up well.  


Then the 19th hole.  I understand things will be quiet but what are the most recent updates as for restaurants serving and bars open?


One a 1-10 with 10 being worst what is current air quality?


Appreciate any replies and or course names so I can look online.


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Can't help you with the golf side but restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol to 10 p.m., that includes pubs that serve food as well. Pure bars remain closed with the current ban in place until the end of the month. Chiang Mai is 13 days now with no new corona cases, unless there's a new breakout the ban should be lifted as currently scheduled. 


Air quality is about average for this time of year - not terrible, not good. Worse in the morning but it gets better as the day progresses as the mornings are still fairly cool and the smog gets caught in with the fog/mist. Most days no where near what Bangkok and central Thailand is experiencing. That will come towards the end of February into March though as it always does. 

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