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Not usually a recommender of Movies/TV shows, but BBC currently running series (with artistic license) about "The Serpent" see actual

story here https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/the-serpent-bbc-charles-sobhraj-b1775052.html 

Rarely that I get totally involved with characters on TV shows but watching the portrayal of this guy makes me hate him and what he did.


Thailand mid 70's ..... truly evil person (The Serpent) of Franco-Vietnamese extraction, preying on travellers (typically the backpackers with money)

extremely persuasive, charming as needs be and absolutely evil, corrupt Thai Police officials (surprise surprise), incompetent FO officials (more surprise, surprise,

the British attache in particular made to look  pretty useless) and the outright stubborness of a Dutch Embassy official in Thailand in tracking this evil person down

to bring him to justice, despite not only his own bosses, but Thai Police and other FO's complete lack of interest in getting involved.


You can catch it on the BBC iPlayer (probably other places as well).





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There is a topic for this in the Pub, contributions to that are always welcome.






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