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Samut Sakhon finds 914 new COVID-19 infections

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Samut Sakhon finds 914 new COVID-19 infections



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Health officials on Monday reported 914 new COVID-19 infections in Samut Sakhon following the start of widespread testing which will eventually see almost 60,000 people in the province tested for the virus.


Among the first round of testing carried out on Monday found 844 cases, 760 of which were from migrant workers, with 84 Thais testing positive. 


A further 35 migrant workers and 35 Thais tested positive after taking tests at hospitals.


Health officials said they will test more than 10,000 people per day for the next  five days and expect to find around 800 new cases each day. 




They said because of this, the number of new cases found on Monday was as they expected.


In preparation for the discovery of more cases, field hospitals have  been set up in the province which can accommodate around 2,500 patients.


Tests are mainly being carried out among the migrant worker population in the province at factories and dormitories.



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They're going to need a lot more than 60,000 tests when they finally realise that it's already spread from Samut Sakhon and is rife in Bangkok. Shut down the big mango now, and stop its residents from

Nah tomorrows headline will say it was all a misunderstanding

How many of us know anyone who is ill with Covid now?  I don't know anyone.

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