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2 hours ago, Mahseer said:

Charles Sobrahj is still alive and presently serving a 30 stretch in Nepal. He was living a free man in France but for whatever reason he went to Nepal where he was arrested and banged up.

Didn't thing France was that bad meself.

Wonder what made him knowingly travel and enter a country which he knew had an arrest warrant out for him resulting in his immediate arrest upon entering the country. Karma maybe, thats where he burned to death two dutch nationals while they were alive, maybe he thinks he deserves incarceration for his evil deeds...

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Looks like the police still uphold many traditions with this weeks episode featuring a large brown envelope being stuffed with gold and cash and the crim walking free🤔

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4 hours ago, anchadian said:

Yes, saw this last week on iPlayer.  Nearly 8 hours long (8 episodes).


It's worth a look.

Oh most definitely! I'll be watching episode 7 tonight.


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After a recommendation from a friend I managed to download it from "(probably other places as well)."

Charles Subraj is only one of a whole range of characters who made up the Goa scene, some very beautiful and some very evil of which he is the worst.

The real deal was far more interesting than the series which i find rather boring.


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The books should be captive reading also.


Sobhraj has been the subject of three non-fiction books, Serpentine (1979) by Thomas Thompson,[30] The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobrhaj (1980) by Richard Neville and Julie Clarke,[31] and the section titled "The Bikini Murders" by Noel Barber in the Reader's Digest collection Great Cases of Interpol (1982). Neville and Clarke's book was the basis for a 1989 made-for-TV movie, Shadow of the Cobra.[32]

The 2015 Bollywood film Main Aur Charles, directed by Prawaal Raman and Cyznoure Network, is reportedly based on Charles Sobhraj's escape from Tihar Jail, New Delhi.[33][34] The film was initially produced by Pooja Bhatt but due to differences midway into the shoot, Pooja left the film.[35]

An eight-part BBC miniseries called The Serpent was broadcast in the UK in January 2021 starring Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman.[36]

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He was able to make money because people were interested in his story.  I’m not interested in this guy and won’t watch this series.

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