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UK PM Johnson: Sorrow of 100,000 COVID-19 death toll "hard to compute"

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UK PM Johnson: Sorrow of 100,000 COVID-19 death toll "hard to compute"



FILE PHOTO: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends a coronavirus news conference at 10 Downing Street, London, Britain January 22, 2021. Leon Neal/File Photo


LONDON (Reuters) - The sorrow of Britain's COVID-19 death toll, which passed 100,000 on Tuesday, was hard to compute, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.


More than 100,000 Britons have died within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test, official data showed on Tuesday. In an address from Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the heartbreak of the grim statistic.


"It's hard to compute the sorrow contained in that grim statistic, the years of life lost, the family gatherings not attended, and for so many relatives the missed chance, even to say goodbye," he told a news conference.


(Reporting by Michael Holden and Alistair Smout; writing by William James; editing by Costas Pitas)



-- © Copyright Reuters 2021-01-27
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When all this is over the recriminations and legal suits against all the governments of the world, care homes, hospitals, employers, tenants, travel companies, universities, etc  will fill the courts to 2050 !

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Major mistakes have been made almost all with hindsight Boris has delivered on vaccine and funding so far but the poor will end up paying for it as usual .


The real accountability should end up on Xi's doormat watch 54 days aired on BBC2 last night for the timeline of how this tyrant destroyed the world  🤔 

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It's Boris's fault for not advising passed UK govt's to tell China to keep places hygienic. TV members here need to blame someone.

What about the Black Plague being found again in China in 2020, it's Boris's fault. 😂 

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