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Three men injured after knife attack at Jomtien Beach

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Three men injured after knife attack at Jomtien Beach
Picture: Pattaya Update News
Police captain Sanam Khotanon and Sawang Boriboon rescue foundation responded at 2 am today after three men were attacked at Jomtien Beach.
At the Don Tan bend they found Wiraya, 27, covered in blood with his face smashed in by a blunt object, Chatchawan, 43, with a serious knife wound to his wrist and Anansak, 48 slightly hurt.
The injured men were given first aid before being taken to hospital.
A white 125 cc motorcycle at the scene was covered in blood; this was a very concerning sight reported Pattaya Update News.
Picture: Pattaya Update News
Anansak said that his younger friends had been drinking alcohol at the beach when some people came to claim they had attacked their friend, something they denied.
Armed with a blunt object and a knife they were set upon. The assailants then fled on a motorcycle.
The police stopped one man who denied involvement though officers didn't believe him. CCTV is being used to locate anyone else who was involved. 
Witnesses told the media that two men on a motorcycle were looking for trouble with anyone they could find. 
They said this was another bad incident for the image of Pattaya that is already struggling in the Covid pandemic.
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