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Baht to USD rate must look good to Thai. Xfer took 13 second.

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It took 13 seconds to xfer money  to get into thai account just now using transferwise.     I'm sure people are chomping at the mouse to buy a USD for 29.92 baht.   I predict it will hit 45 within 5 years after the hungry and younger, educated masses rise up. 

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I use transfer wise.   Sometimes if holiday it takes 2-3 days like over dec30. But many times just hours.    But this time I send in evening my local time, thai market and banks open.   After you hit send it has a progress logo and this time it completed in seconds and said "sent in 13 seconds and you saved 22$ compared the banks".   The report in data log after actually says it took 3 seconds to be in  her thai account in baht.  She checked it minutes later.  I saw the entry in her account. 

If you understand transfer wise the way it charges more is they avoid international banking transfer fees because money doesn't  actually transfer between countries.   I can't explain it now very well.   At one time I read about the process. It's like they match up someone wanting to do the opposite transfer.  Like a  willing buyer of usd wanting to transfer 💰 money to dollars in USA so their baht goes in my  Thai account without crossing borders or getting zapped by the banking industry. You can imagine at 29.92 baht/USD many rich people are wanting to buy or at least get there money to America now for many reasons nefarious or not. The first time I transferred money was with chase. They charged me 25$ plus a terrible exchange rate.  Maybe even 50$.  It was ridiculous high.  I remember cringing at it being 20%.  No way could I retire in Thailand giving away such amount. It was a small xfer.  Been using transfer wise fir 4.5 years.  

This shows  some type of currency imbalance.  So many wanting USD but but not many wanting to send them or invest with the baht so low per $.  So how does the baht stay so high against the $?   Hmmm maybe lots of money wants out before Thailand crashes.  Real Unemployment must be  25-30%

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