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Can I complete a visa process for someone else?

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Me and my boyfriend went to Chiang Mai immigration today to renew our Covid Extension (tourist visa), but we got an 'under consideration' stamp for us to come back on February 11. The problem is that we will move to Phuket on February 1.

So instead of wasting money in 2 round-trip flight tickets Phuket-Chiang Mai, is it possible for me to go back alone in Chiang Main on February 11 and got my final visa stamp, but as well as for my boyfriend? Does he actually need to go by himself or can I do it for him?

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I believe, as long as the original application was done in person, the final step can be done by someone else. You will need some form of authorisation. A letter signed by your boyfriend indicating you are acting on his behalf should suffice. However, I would recommend emailing Chiang Mai immigration in advance to confirm that this will be accepted.

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Can't comment of Chiang Mai specifically, but in other locations (at least Bangkok), someone else can get the final stamp for you. I did it for my wife recently with no forms required, just the passport and payment receipt.


In fact, most in the waiting area appeared to be motorcycle couriers, so I am pretty sure you could engage an agent to do the process (via EMS/courier) and neither of you would need to actually fly to CM.  Up to you, but I would first contact agents in Chiang Mai or even friends -- in my case there was no need to show any proof or forms to get my wife's passport stamp, but again could be different in CM so best to check with agents and/or immigration office directly

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