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Thailand ranked number 4 in the world for handling the covid pandemic.

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3 hours ago, jayboy said:

The  first very contagious strain was discovered in the UK but it's by no means certain it originated there.It was discovered because the UK is the world leader in genome sequencing of viruses and has provided the majority of information to the world database.It untrue to suggest the UK did nothing.It immediately passed on the new information.Don't talk on subjects on which you are ignorant please.


It is true that the UK's record in managing the virus is poor but it's absurd to compare with countries like New Zealand.Or rather by all means compare but be aware of the differences that make facile comparisons useless.UK's biggest failure - other than government dithering - was not to have closed down borders for a period.Also critical is the UK's obesity crisis tied into hypertension, diabetes and heart issues.I'm sceptical of the systemic racism bandwagon but clearly ethnic minorities (Afro- Caribbean and South Asian in particular) have been very badly hit.

You must be from the UK? 

World leader in sequencing of viruses? Hasn’t really helped much. 

Not sure how you claim that the UK is the world leader. Sounds like something Boris would say. 
Looks like Iceland is well ahead of the UK to me.



The information I have is it most likely originated in Kent. It would be good if they could trace it back to the first patient. 


I remember the Chinese used the same argument last year.


Anyway. How good is Thailand!!!


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