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Told that Pink I.D card is compulsory for next extension.

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Getting yellow house book and then a pink ID card is not mandatory. It is certainly not required for any extension application. It seems to be a case of an officer giving out false info.

Seems someone wanted to flex his muscles and impose his authority with no basis in fact or requirement. Gotta love how these individual offices/officers behave sometimes.    

' Wait and see' is probably the best advice here. I very much doubt if there's a shred of truth in this.

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A Thai DL seems to do everything that I pink card can do , so I don't see the point in it.  TM30 receipt in your passport  is as good as yellow book.  No point in either in my view. . 

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The IO may have gotten confused with the fact that almost all migrant laborers have the pink ID card as a prerequisite to their employment registration process.

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Was stopped in the street by 3 armed Immigration Officers, who were just coming out of a hotel presumably from an inspection of guests particulars, and I guess they thought I was going in to the hotel and not just walking by.

Was requested to produce my passport, as it was at home I produced a copy of it (face page & latest stamp with TM6 no included), my pink card and my Thai driving license.

The latter two were handed back with the comment that they mean nothing to us.

The copy of the passport was examined and I was informed that I should carry my passport at all times, as copies  cannot be accepted as proof of who I am.

With that comment, and after answering a few questions about where I live, where I was going, etc., the copy was handed back and I was allowed to go.

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40 minutes ago, jackdd said:

The house book and pink ID card have nothing to do with immigration, either you understood something wrong or the IO just told you something wrong.

That would not be a first, years ago I was told by an irate IO that they did not really do extensions there and to go to Suan Phlu immigration office office in Bkk, where I did not even live at the time!

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  • blackcab changed the title to Told that Pink I.D card is compulsory for next extension.

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