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Man killed after supercar crashes in to van in Bangkok

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Man killed after supercar crashes in to van in Bangkok
Nong Khaem police attended the devastation on Petchkasem inbound last night after a Nissan Skyline went over the central reservation and collided with a van.
The force of the impact was so great that the hood of the souped up sports car was propelled onto the sidewalk.
Dead behind the wheel crushed into the console was 35 year old Natthawat who owned an online second hand car dealership.
His 26 year old girlfriend Khemmika beside him survived and was taken to hospital with a broken arm.
The driver of a Commuter van, Bunsong,56, was also taken to hospital with injuries to both legs.
A Honda City was slightly damaged after going into the wreckage.
Arunsri, 28, driving the City, said she was on her way home when she saw the car on the other side of the road cross into the van and collide. She was lucky that she was able to brake in time.
A roadside trader called Prangthong, 50, said she heard the sound of a revved engine speed up from the previous intersection 1.5 kilometers away. 
The dead man lost control of his vehicle near her shop. She couldn't be sure if he was racing with another vehicle.
Police are studying CCTV to get to the truth of what happened.
Source: Daily News
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3 hours ago, orchis said:

Nissan Skyline is illegal in many states and failed many safety tests. 

This was an old skyline. and it has a custom steering wheel without an airbag. She was lucky that airbags on her side deployed with the collision.

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2 hours ago, ALLSEEINGEYE said:

hardly a supercar, come on!!!!!

Agree after having read about some Bangkok businesswoman and her new McLaren 720s Spider.


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