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People in Thailand can now grow hemp at home

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I know some Thai people who have been growing it for decades!  

You mean my Hemp garden is to much, you don't say, really now, but it is in BKK, you say I can not, well how was I to know I needed to apply for a license.  Anutin said it was legal...I only wanted so

That is a surprising but good decision. I smoked it in Amsterdam about 30 years ago one time (it was legal there). Combined with a lot of beer I had a very bad experience the next day. I never tried i

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1 hour ago, RJRS1301 said:

Does traditional use mean "smoking it??


I'd like to see you try smoking hemp - might make for a good laugh! Hemp and Cannabis are two very different things. One will have you coughing and laughing, the other will have you retching on the floor.

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As usual it’s difficult to decipher what exactly they’re talking about these folks 🤷🏻‍♂️
I often wonder who writes these articles. Nevertheless it wouldn’t be such a bad idea should it be legalised 🤔

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