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Norwegian on way to see Thai girlfriend arrested after faking his Certificate of Entry

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at least he is dressed nicely. 

Rational? He's Norwegian.

He obviously didn't get it online here in Thailand did he 👃

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29 minutes ago, allane said:

I have a good laugh anytime I see the TAT, or anyone else, talking about "vaccine passports". How would this ever be made to work ?  Everyone and his dog would be creating and printing their own "vaccine passport" on their home computer. Immigration officials would have no way of knowing if it was authentic.

+1 I saw these news today and I was excited about the concept. For about 3 seconds. Then Photoshop came to mind. People don't care. I guaranteed you the first day a vaccine certificate / pass / document is out there someone will do a 1800dpi scan of it and start selling templates for bitcoin and there will be plenty of takers.


They would need a rapid antibody test on arrival. Crazy times. Blood test before immigration counter.

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37 minutes ago, KoreaElte said:


My experience entering on a legit COE in November 2020 is that the process was tight and surprisingly well managed once you got the embassy to issue one. That was the only chaotic part.


From airline check-in to ASQ completion it was all tight. The embassy in my case was working with the airline so they knew exactly whom to expect. Could not have checked in with a fake. It was a repatriation charter. Some countries allowed "semi commercial" flights and I suspect YMMV you could check in with a fake but you would not get far because at Suvernabhumi it was very much a whitelsist-only affair. They knew exactly who was arriving and you could not reach an immigration desk if you were not on the list of arrivals.


Some reported hiccups where they were legit arrivals but not on the list and they were all manually scrutinized. MofA at the time seemed to have a list with expected arrivals and everyone arriving was checked against it.


Kudos to the guy for at least arranging ASQ for himself and not just entering on fake docs and heading straight to a party....



How tight and well managed exactly?


All the staff are doing is checking a paper document.


I too returned on an Embassy arranged repatriation flight (in July), but now the CoE is issued with just a booking. 


Thus, I am speculating whether or not a more authentic looking fake would be picked up at all. 


Perhaps, as you mention, the Embassy forwards all CoE’s registered to a specific flight so that the arrivals team can check the passenger off the list (as you say ‘whitelist only affair’).





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