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Car Insurance Recommendations

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Hi All.

Please could you give me your personal recommendations for good reliable car insurance company, based on your own experiences.

Please I'm looking for trustworthy and english speaking companies.


Thanks in advance.


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On 1/29/2021 at 11:21 PM, DarrenSpencer said:

Please I'm looking for trustworthy and english speaking companies.


I have used AXA 3 years running and the annual premium goes down, not up, I also had a claim and they sorted real quick in the first year.


I go through AA Insurance Brokers here in Thailand for my car, house and private health cover, they found them for me and I paid them nothing, brokers are usually best to serve you as they deal with insurers all the time and can recommend good ones vs picking bad ones.


I did try the above recommended insurer that the TVF members recommended but I found them to be more expensive, I suppose depends on the car make and model ?


AXA paid out real quick and that's what matters to me, albeit that I had to pay the 5,000 baht excess/waiver to the panel beater first which was not an issue for me.


Good luck.

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A couple that are friends of ours had a recent accident event and the combined cost of repairing her Suzuki car and the other party's Toyota Hybrid ran well over 200k, and they didn't have the car insured.  My wife, upon hearing the details, decided it was a good idea to inform me that her  (my wife's) mother's car insurance ran out some time back and she had not renewed since she is broke due to Covid hitting her income (nobody asked if it hit my income 🙂 ).  Anyway, since all roads lead to the foreign son in law in cases of "financial distress", I of course insisted that her car be reinsured post haste.  Yes, it will come out of my pocket, but an accident would put the MIL completely out of work and any costs would find their way to me eventually anyway.  So I went shopping for insurance once again.

I tried going with our existing insurance company, insurance companies of friends and neighbors, and then an insurance broker after reading a comment above, which sounded like a really good idea.  MIL's car is 8 years old and I thought I should get 3rd Class + insurance, to make sure the other fellow's car would be repaired, and some coverage for repair of MIL's car as well.  Well, the prices are all over the place and either no company would cover MIL's car if she simply hit a building, wall or other structure, or ran off the road and rolled it, etc., or they would cover a rollover for about 50k max but no structures in a single car event.

Then I went back to Roojai as recommended here on ThaiVisa.  It turns out "Class 1" insurance is still an option for an older car, and covers all of the above and always includes repairs to MIL's car, up to THB 240k!.  And most importantly, it will do that at a cost of about THB 5k, give or take depending on normal factors!  The coverage is large for 3rd party repairs (5 mil) and injuries (1 mil/pp), single car accidents, and always repairs your own car up to the policy value.  The value they put on her car is what I'd call about double its actual resale value, but the cost of the insurance is still so low that I found it almost unbelievable.  Also, you can elect to have a (what we call in the U.S.) deductible (which I did elect in the amount of THB 5k), which further lowers the annual cost of the policy as reflected and included in the above price.


This is great news and saves a ton of money while getting full coverage.


That got me to thinking about what I pay on my own 4 year old truck (about THB 17.5k for 1st Class Insurance).  Yes, I may be ignorant, but I'm learning!  I filled in the Roojai form again with our truck and personal details and it turns out Class 1 insurance with Roojai will only be about THB 4,500/year!  We're switching when our policy comes due later this year.


So, my advice is:  Go to Roojai.com and check it out for yourself.  

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