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Thai road carnage: A motorcyclist is killed every 30 minutes in Thailand

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I once pointed out to a Thai that his rear light was out. His reply, "No problem, I don't use it".   I also admonished a Thai for flying down a notoriously dangerous road at night with no li

Baskets and tires are just excuses, it's the riders and drivers of cars who are to blame, not the vechiles

Not to worry, there seems to be an endless supply of young Thais with an aversion to helmets and a delusion that they are Valentino Rossi riding unroadworthy junk with skinny bald tyres and no brakes.

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Thailand is a nation on two wheels, when i came first 30 years ago they were many riders as motorcycles are affordable way to move around, and in the last few years with the proliferation of business offering services on 2 wheels such the messengers and the bike taxis you see now everywhere it stand to reason the increase in road fatalities...

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52 minutes ago, RichardColeman said:

Population control of the unwashed masses by the people in power it seems to me

Wrong. The people in power drive Mercs & Beemers. It is population control by the unwashed masses themselves.

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They are just clueless and can't even be taught. i am still recovering from my accident and may never make a full recovery. I guess i was lucky it took 17 years to happen.

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