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Koh Samui: Brit charged with dealing in "ice" after shooting out at sea

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We've all had our bad days. 

he's reading over the 100 lines he had right   "I should not have come to Thailand and been a total #### and now I'm going to jail"

Looks like he managed a full English breakfast before he went out on the boat. 

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4 hours ago, rooster59 said:

.......by locals who feared for their safety after hearing shots at sea.

He could have been on shore firing wildly. Is that their preference?

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Wonder if he will disappear , then miraculously reapear after a short break, but a lot poorer having bought a large packet of large brown envelopes !!!   

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30 minutes ago, Djss said:

Definitely a sausage short of a full English. 

Well I've definately seen worse debut posts... nice one 🙂


Are you DJ SS? As in the DJ...

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