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No one left behind: Thailand gives biggest hint yet that expats will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines

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  • webfact changed the title to No one left behind: Thailand gives biggest hint yet that expats will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines
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I'm hoping the Chinese vaccine is all used up by the time they get around to expats, rather pay for Astra Zeneca vaccine then get a free SinoVac.

I am quite happy to pay for mine, with the proviso that it doesn't cost me an exorbitant figure. Giving it free to everyone is a smart idea, which leaves me concerned as we don't see smart decisions h

Paryut: "Does this China vaccine even work?"   Anutin: "Donno."   Today, Health and Concrete Minister Anutin announced the roughly 200,000 farangs in Thailand will be vaccinated, f

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18 minutes ago, drbrit said:

Encouraging words, but I would welcome clarity on *how* they identify foreigners 'residing' in Thailand.  I hope that doesn't mean people with PR.  Will it be those on a non-O, non-OA, non-B, taxpayers etc...

O-A should get it free considering we have to pay for ridiculous insurance above and beyond the same exact extension requirements for O visas. But i'm not holding my breath.

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4 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

So is the term "Hello Hansum man", it is free as well, but comes with a no money back guarantee if you fall for the line...

My Moral Standing in LOS tends to always Lie down.....never easy being Hansum 2 Mutt.... Bai Nai?   Where u go??? I go with youuuuuuuu??........(brow breaks out in sweat) 🙂

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47 minutes ago, webfact said:

Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul  said that all  residents in Thailand, including foreigners could even be given the vaccination free of charge.

How many times in the last year has he said things that had to be retracted within a day or so.

What he said makes a lot of sense, as vaccinating Thais living with foreigners and not vaccinating the foreigners, makes no sense at all.

A family living together, irrespective of nationality, should be treated as a single entity, not as a number of different aged people, say grandfather gets vaccinated and the grandchildren don't, that puts the grandfather at risk as a vaccination is not a 100% guarantee that he couldn't be infected.

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