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School director who brandished a gun at assembly resigns his post

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School director who brandished a gun at assembly resigns his post
Picture: Daily News
The school director who scared pupils and teachers at an assembly at the flagpole by brandishing a gun has resigned.
The director of Thepha school in Songkhla was stressed out after parents of a girl claimed he had sex with her.
He was transferred out of the area and a committee was set up as well as a police investigation. 
Education region 16 chief Sangkorn Rakchucheun said that the director had tendered his resignation as of last Friday and it will be effective from 15th February subject to the approval of a committee.
The school reopened yesterday.
Details of the disciplinary investigation will be announced today and the director's resignation has no bearing on that. 
If he is deemed guilty he will be dismissed anyway, reported Daily News.
The police investigation is also expected to conclude this week. The police said they were still waiting on a medical report on the female student who is still being interviewed by social services. 
The director has not surrendered to police and his resignation also has no bearing on the investigation. 


Source: Daily News



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7 hours ago, webfact said:

School director who brandished a gun at assembly resigns his post

He shouldn't Have to resign He should've been Kicked out the Second he showed that gat.

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On 2/9/2021 at 3:53 PM, JeffersLos said:

[quote] Resigned not fired, so still gets his pension?   How? Why? [/quote]

Not sure if it is the same with lower-level people such as school directors, but I'm pretty sure the upper govt. dweebs have the law set-up whereby, if they resign (usually upon finding out that they've either been caught or been accused) then they are not liable for whatever transgressions they did while holding their particular post. Seem to remember reading this in the BKK Post years ago after some govt. drone was placed under investigation for embezzling, and so he resigned. Apparently the millions of baht he supposedly "took" before doing so are just written off, and by resigning he becomes immune to prosecution, so it almost seems worth it.  I could be wrong, but that's how it reads in my memory...   😎


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