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Phuket Poll: Would you take a COVID vaccine?

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Phuket Poll: Would you take a COVID vaccine?

By The Phuket News



Photo: AFP


PHUKET:-- With Phuket amid a big push to attract domestic tourists to the island and the call by all major Phuket businesses associations, not just tourism industry representatives, for the island to re-open to international visitors from Oct 1, all eyes are turning to COVID vaccination as Phuket’s big hope to restart the island’s economy.


Yet much about COVID vaccines are being hotly debated right now, with concerns over which vaccine to take, which vaccines will be available, which vaccines will be recognised by the Thai government if and when foreign tourists return, who will pay for mass vaccination of people in Thailand and exactly who will be vaccinated in which order taking centre stage.


To all this, The Phuket News asks one simple question: “Would you take a COVID vaccine if one were available?”


Full Story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-poll-would-you-take-a-covid-vaccine-78965.php



-- © Copyright Phuket News 2021-02-10
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7 hours ago, fasteddie said:

I've already turned one down. As for needing them to travel, what's the point? They don't stop you getting the virus, they don't stop you passing it on, they just lessen the effects of the virus on yourself.

New evidence is pointing to at least some vaccines preventing the majority of infections, and the vast majority of serious infections.

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23 hours ago, bkk6060 said:

Sure, I would today.

But, no Russia or China.

Sure, I would today.
But, only Russia or China.

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1 hour ago, beechbum said:

Depending on the manufacturer of it I'd have no problem getting jab.

How dare you be the first person from PHUKET to comment on a PHUKET poll. That's the naughty step for you my boy! 😇

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