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DPM Jurin calls claims of graft fabricated

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DPM Jurin calls claims of graft fabricated

Paphamon Arayasukawat




BANGKOK (NNT) - The Minister of Commerce has rejected information presented by the opposition in the no-confidence debate, alleging corruption in the purchase of rubber gloves, as untrue and assured parliament that he is not involved in any graft.


The third day of the no-confidence debate in Parliament was chaired by Deputy Speaker of the House Supachai Pohsu and began with the opposition accusing the government of neglect allowing for corruption. A purchase of 112 billion baht worth of rubber gloves, by the Public Warehouse Organization, from a private supplier was brought up as a case of graft, with the opposition alleging an initial payment of 2 billion baht was fast tracked for the acquisition only three days after agreements were signed, despite the organization having yet to inspect the contract.


Minister of Commerce Jurin Laksanawisit said that he was not involved in any untoward dealings in relation to the purchase and claimed that the information presented was fabricated. He explained that funds for the project were frozen and an inquiry was launched and is being tracked, noting that the case did not receive widespread attention as it only involved lower level officials.


Responding to statements by the opposition that someone close to him was involved in the graft, Jurin gave his assurance that, if found, definitive action would be taken without exception.


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