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I'm starting to get weird pains in my body.

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A few weeks ago I started getting pain in my right knee joint. First time its ever happened. I do a short run/ fast walk every day with my dog- twice a day but never had an issue. I noticed when walking upstairs I get a sharp pain. 


4 days ago I had severe neck/ back pain. We were staying in a hotel and unsure if it was the pillow. Ive never had that sort of pain before either. 


This morning I woke up with pain on the sole of my right foot. Actually it was all a bit numb  as well on the right foot area. 


Im middle aged. Is this just an old age thing. Anyone with any ideas?

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A visit to the doctor could be useful.

I used to be very fit. However after years of running, hill walking and just general exertion I started having issues with the cartilage in my knees.  Eventually the cartilage in my right knee sp

I have aches and pains that come and go all the time, knee, neck, foot, I don't worry about it and it goes, if it stayed then I'd explore further investigation if serious.    Take up cycling

Neck pain maybe a one-off, if persists see a doc. See youtube for neck stretching exercises. Can strengthen your neck pretty safely via isometric holds. 


Knee/foot issue probably related and could have something to do with tendonitis and muscle imbalance, altered biomechanics, arthritis, and relative overuse. Or not, but unless you want to go ahead and start spending money, I suggest you stop the walking/jogging/stair climbing and work on rehab via stretching, strengthening, and foam rolling. In the meantime, bicycle, row, or swim. Or do resistance exercises: they're also good for cardiovascular. Find some things here:






After you do that seriously for a month or two, if you can, then start back doing some walking and see how it goes. I would first get new trainers as well, a recognized brand and model with good reviews. And you might want to try a neoprene knee brace:





But a knee brace isn't a substitute for any rehab, obviously.


If you don't have the discipline to try and keep at it, then eventually the problem may go away on its own, you can resume activity, and wait for it to come back after a while, as it surely will.


Otherwise, after the X-rays and the MRIs, maybe a med or two, a doc may (or may not) prescribe PT, and then you can pay for a therapist to help you stay motivated. Can't do that, then at some point you're probably going to hear the word "surgery." Who knows, but I would think (though NOT a doc or health pro) that at your age you normally could fix this (or keep it in check) w/o going to such a length.


Keep us posted.

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8 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

I have aches and pains that come and go all the time, knee, neck, foot, I don't worry about it and it goes, if it stayed then I'd explore further investigation if serious. 






One-off neck/back pain after sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, I would pay no mind to. if it becomes persistent then that's a different matter.


Likewise one off foot pain/numbness on waking up is likely just related to position you slept in.


Sounds like the knee pain may be persisting, if so could be so called "runners knee" AKA chondromalacia. Stop running until it fully resolves. Treatment is rest, ice, and sometimes a brace will help. Minimize stair climbing. Also there are targeted exercises which you can find online.  See an ortho if it persists.


Once it resolves you might do well to substitute brisk walking for running. Much kinder in the knees, and knees do need coddling as yo uage.

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Sounds totally normal. Just lay off for a few days.

Also, hotel beds and pillows mess me up all the time.  I went to the hospital one morning in Europe it was a nice hotel, but the bed was mush messed up my back and neck I need ultra firm. Could barely walk.


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