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I'm starting to get weird pains in my body.

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Thanks for all the comments. I have stopped running now and doing fast walks. The knee pain has more or less gone away. Only when I neal down to unlock the door at the bottom of the door do I feel a bit of pain. It must be the running

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A visit to the doctor could be useful.

I used to be very fit. However after years of running, hill walking and just general exertion I started having issues with the cartilage in my knees.  Eventually the cartilage in my right knee sp

I have aches and pains that come and go all the time, knee, neck, foot, I don't worry about it and it goes, if it stayed then I'd explore further investigation if serious.    Take up cycling

Probably worrying to you as you've experienced all these symptoms nearly at the same time.


If you're a middle aged ACTIVE person then knee pain could be attributed to many things...  in my case, I had knee pain on and off for a few years in my left knee.  I was going on brisk walks 5 days a week (did heavy squats in my younger days)...

I was sent to Day Surgery and had the fragments of cartilege  cleaned out  -   100% now.


I experienced a pain in the instep of my foot.  I only got it at night (in bed)..  I never saw a doctor,  it would come and go over a few years.

It was suggested to me to try some NEW BALANCE running/jogging shoes as they're recommended by podiatrists. I did that. The pain decreased somewhat....  then later, never came back however my left foot feels like it only has 90% feeling.  Wierd!  But NO MORE PAIN.  I had actually thought I may have (previously) had gout and went on a MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT.  Doctor did my routine blood test and Uric Acid levels normal..  plus (she said)  not enough pain there to be gout.  However, the Magnesium fixes cramps.


As we get older, different parts of the body strain, weaken or wear...  yours probably just all happened in the same month!  

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9 hours ago, bangkok19 said:

As we get older, different parts of the body strain, weaken or wear...  yours probably just all happened in the same month!  

It amuses me how our "crusties" (as our UK members might say) typically deal with their newly discovered strains. Rather than do any work to overcome them through PT, strengthening counterbalancing muscles, stretching, etc.--and then carry on w/ healthy activity--they merely give up, gobble pills, or even, sooner or later, resort to surgery. I remember pointing out to one of the biggest Cheap Charlies I've ever met that if he'd just diet and exercise, he could save the small fortune he was spending on pills and doctors, not to mention feel good again. Huh? Didn't compute. Died at age 58.


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On 2/19/2021 at 9:03 PM, jack71 said:

A few weeks ago I started getting pain in my right knee joint. First time its ever happened. I do a short run/ fast walk every day with my dog- twice a day but never had an issue. I noticed when walking upstairs I get a sharp pain. 


4 days ago I had severe neck/ back pain. We were staying in a hotel and unsure if it was the pillow. Ive never had that sort of pain before either. 


This morning I woke up with pain on the sole of my right foot. Actually it was all a bit numb  as well on the right foot area. 


Im middle aged. Is this just an old age thing. Anyone with any ideas?

Right, right, right. Wrong. Still could be nothing despite being all on the right but you should toddle along to the Doctor Jack. 

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On 2/23/2021 at 3:05 PM, Dazinoz said:

I was getting shifting pains first in the heal of one foot then to another then to side of foot then toes. At times I literally had to crawl around the house. Then it hit me bad in one knee. Had been to doctor before but not much help. 


Wow, that sounds exactly how it went through me for a year or so and then after getting the right meds from one doctor it all disappeared pretty much permanently. But the doctor didn't give me gout meds, he diagnosed it as osteoarthritis and gave me some fairly strong anti-inflamatory pain stuff and a muscle relaxant. I really thought I wasn't going to see it go away but it's been a year now I guess. I don't take any meds but have them in case a flare up every comes along. So, far none. For me too, I haven't really changed my diet.  Anyways, the way you described your experience in that first paragraph was dead on for me. BTW, I'm in my 50s.

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