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Can a foreigner buy an elephant in Thailand?

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Do what many others do.  Post it on here.

Thinking of getting a bit bigger pet, how much would an elephant cost? Can you even own one in Thailand? Or is it 51-49 again? 

Many moons ago a family member had one, they got rid of it after it ate them out of house and home (they eat more than any Thai teenager).   It was fun at songkran, a fully automatic, intell

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Lovely animals. Many domesticated elephants are owned cooperative. Although they bond to one mahout, the whole village is involved in their care. I think this is a great idea but don't go it alone. With no tourists, one of the elephant camps may work out a loan for you. That way, you can see if it suits you.


I was sweet on an elephant once. Took her bathing in the river every day. Name was Gumlai.

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you can volunteer to take care of elephants. 


I have a friend who does that here in Hua Hin at the elephant sanctuary.  


And yes he shoves ES and washes them. 



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